Barbara Hammer Participates in Panel Discussion on AI Impact on Industry at 2024 Summit for Research and Innovation

On April 22nd, Barbara Hammer took part in a panel discussion titled “Industry. AI – How Will AI Change Production and Employment Structures?” at the 2024 Summit for Research and Innovation, held at Hannover Messe. The panel explored the potential of AI in Germany and Europe, its impact on production and the job market, and strategies for fostering necessary competencies and collaborations, including those between startups, SMEs, and industry.

The discussion, moderated by Prof. Dr. Uwe Cantner, Chairman of EFI, featured insights from Jonas Andrulis, Founder & CEO of Aleph Alpha GmbH, and Alexander Schweitzer, Minister for Labor, Social Affairs, Transformation, and Digitization of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate, alongside Prof. Dr. Hammer.

The 2024 Summit for Research and Innovation addressed the critical role of research and innovation in driving future value creation and addressing global challenges. With a particular focus on emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, the summit aimed to highlight the need for enhanced competencies, catalysts, and collaborations between industry and academia. Discussions also centered around the role of innovation-friendly policies, Germany and Europe’s position in the global AI competition, and strategies to maintain competitiveness in future technology development.

In a significant departure from previous editions, the organizers partnered with the HANNOVER MESSE for the first time, marking the summit’s tenth anniversary. This collaboration between the premier industrial trade fair and Germany’s leading research and innovation exchange platform served as a potent symbol of unity between industry, politics, and academia, signaling a collective commitment to advancing Germany’s innovation landscape.