Lecture Series “Robust AI”: Elena Esposito

On Thursday, April 11, we will continue our lecture series “Robust AI”. Prof. Dr. Elena Esposito will give a lecture on “Communicating with Generative AI”.

When & where
April 11 2024 , 4pm online (Zoom): https://uni-bielefeld.zoom-x.de/j/64775735478?pwd=TFpEUVFPME5EQXFKMHZHY1ZsM2Y4Zz09


Is Generative Artificial Intelligence a threat or an opportunity for our civilization? The most recent algorithms, which seem to be getting smarter and smarter, are affecting every aspect of our lives and becoming increasingly difficult to understand. To what extent do we need to worry – and are we worrying about the right things? If the focus shifts from intelligence to communication, these questions take on a different form: since algorithms no longer try to replicate human intelligence, they have learned to become increasingly competent and efficient communication partners. Now it is up to us to learn how to communicate with them.


Elena Esposito is one of our SAIL PIs and professor for Sociology at Bielefeld University and University of Bologna. She is the author of several books, including “Artificial Communication: How Algorithms Produce Social Intelligence” at MIT Press.