Barbara Hammer talks about the future of voice assistants at re:publica24

🤩 Together with journalist Svea Eckert, Barbara Hammer talked about voice assistants of the future at the re:publica24 festival in Berlin on May 27.

🗣 The Republica Programme has the following to say about this exciting talk: “We ask Alexa for tomorrow’s weather, ChatGPT for a simple explanation of the Big Bang – and always receive an answer that we rarely question. However, how voice assistants manage to provide a suitable answer to questions usually remains a mystery to us users. What exactly happens between the question and the answer “in” a smart speaker or ChatGPT? For most of us, this is a kind of black box. Where does the app “get” its answer from, how does it choose certain phrases and how did it actually learn to speak?

🤝 Tech journalist Svea Eckert and AI expert Barbara Hammer explain the technology that controls a voice assistant in simple terms. With the help of illustrative examples, they show what happens behind the scenes of ChatGPT and co. and also reveal small hacks that tempt the voice bots to say things they didn’t actually want to reveal.”

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