SAIL’s participation in Girls’ Day 2024

The annual Girls’ Day took place on 25.04.2024. On this career orientation day, schoolgirls are introduced to those courses of study and professions in which women are usually underrepresented. The SAIL project participated in this year’s Girls’ Day together with Hochschule Bielefeld – University of Applied Sciences and Arts and the Applied Mathematics program. The decentralized Equal Opportunities Officer Dr. Elke Koppenrade presented mathematics in a playful way, supplemented by keynote speeches from members of the faculty.
An excursion led by Dr. Peter Kuchling took the students to the transfer laboratory of the Department of Engineering and Mathematics, where the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in care is being tested in the SAIL research project. Prof. Dr. Axel Schneider’s working group, represented today by Dr. Hanno Gerd Meyer, presented the university’s prototypes, which the students were also able to try out for themselves. For example, doctoral student Neevkumar Manavar explained how the intelligent care bed works, which can be used to analyze the lying position of patients. A motion capturing system was also shown, with which motion sequences are to be recorded and used to train AI-controlled exoskeletons. The students were able to see how a digital avatar could be controlled using only their movements. Dr. Kaja Balzereit also explained her work as a professor of computer science.

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