Justice and Fairness Perceptions in Automated Decision-Making

Paul Hellwig
Research Theme
Application area: Industry R2 Prosilience & Robustness
Automated Decision-Making Fairness Procedural Justice

We investigate the perception of justice and fairness in automated decision-making. Current research describes that artificial intelligence will be involved in decision-making in work contexts, and we investigate reactions to this type of decision making. We do this by comparing participants’ reactions to human and automated decision-making in work contexts such as applicant selection, shift scheduling, and rewarding employee performance. In addition, we transfer findings from the psychological research field of organisational justice to human-computer interaction. Organisational justice research describes rules for fair decision-making processes (procedural justice), for the fair distribution of results (distributive justice) and for the fair implementation of decisions (informational justice and interpersonal justice). We test the applicability of some of these rules (e.g. procedural justice rule voice: the opportunity to express one’s views and feelings to the decision-making authority before a decision is made) in human-computer interaction.